A leading NGO in Uttar Pradesh, involved in Literacy, Women Empowerment and Vocational Training
Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Welfare Society
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What we do at DAWS

People Participation Programme
The People Paticipation Program Unit of DAWS , regularly organizes Awareness camps, Meetings, Abhiyans and Discussions forum programs for masses. Issues like preventive health care, safe drinking water, use of natural resources, safe motherhood, sexual diseases and preventive care,family planning, consumer's rights etc. are taken full care of.

Basic Need Programme
To improve livelihood of the rural poor, DAWS serves the community with Basic Need Program . Installation and maintenance of hand pumps,smokeless chulha,use and promotion of Non-conventional energy resources, construction of low cost latrines,maintenance of approach roads etc. are conducted under this. Distribution of food and clothes is also done with help of donors. DAWS helps poor families with repair and construction of cheaper huts and Kuccha houses.

Economic Development Programme
To overcome the pressure of high rate of population growth which poses a great threat to economic, environmental and physical well-being, DAWS has motivated women and youth to form Self Help Groups,and finally group them together with Income generation activities.Such groups are trained and engaged in different types of trades like tailoring, running beauty parlour, making achar, murrabha etc. DAWS thus, helps in establishing small scale industries and marketing network.

Literacy and Education Programme
The inability to read and write is a grave handicap, which not only affects the individual growth, but also arrests and impedes the national development. DAWS conducts its literacy programs in slums and rural areas as well. Mobile library and Literacy at work places are unique programs by DAWS. Also parents are motivated to send their children to school. DAWS also participates in Sarve Siksha Abhiyan, School Chaalo Abhiyan and other literacy programs run by Govt. of India..

Polyvalent Training Programme
Lack of education and skill, both vocational and technical, have left the community unemployed/under employed. DAWS continuously organizes and runs different polyvalent training programs equipped with Life Enrichment Education.Programs include -Dress making, Beauty culture, Soft toys, Mehndi application, Doopbatti and Agarbatti making, Dari and Carpet making etc.

Health & Hygiene Programme
DAWS organizes family checkup and curative camps for providing health services in remote areas with the help of renowned Doctors. DAWS also aclively participates in National Immunization Program,AIDS awareness programs and supports Government's efforts in this direction.

Agriculture Development Programme
DAWS organizes workshop cum training programs on land filtration, land reclamation and management of natural resources, cash cropping, pisciculture and dairy development etc..

Environmental Developmental Programme
With the help of forest department and local community institutions DAWS planted thousands of saplings and trees to protect environment. DAWS is supporting the participatory development and management of small-scale water resources in the project areas.

Women Enpowerment Programme
DAWS programs address the concerns of women in both their productive and reproductive roles. Our aim is to upgrade skills of poor and asset less women, mobilize concentise and provide employment to them on a sustainable basis.

Research and Training Programme
The high academic faculty of Research and Training group of DAWS, organizes the training program for several community groups and organizations. They also prepare promotional literature and training material. To date, this wing has given training to different government and non-government functionaries on different issues.

Dr. B R Ambedkar Welfare Society
Dr. B R Ambedkar Welfare Society
Dr. B R Ambedkar Welfare Society