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Realising, the need and growing urbanization in the coming decades, the Government of India had started a scheme of Shramik Vidyapeeths (SVPs) - a programme of Adult Education for Workers in Urban and Industrial areas. The first Shramik Vidyapeeth was established in Mumbai (Worli) . To facilitate playing a battle role, the scheme of Shramik Vidyapeeth has been renamed as Jan Shikshan Sansthan (JSS)-Institute of People's Education (IPE)-with enhanced financial support. Considering the changing literacy scenario in the country and the large number of neo-literates to be covered under Continuing Education programme [in which skill development/ upgradation is a part], the activities of Jan Shikshan Sansthans have been expended to provide academic and technical support to Zila Saksharata Samities [District Literacy Committees] in taking up vocational and skill development programmes for neo-literates in both urban and rural areas and also to organise equivalency programmes through Open Learning Systems.
Jan Shikshan Sansthan, Allahabad was established in the year 2000, under the aegis of DR. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Welfare Society, Allahabad.
  1. Identify appropriate target areas and target groups by developing socio-economic profiles.

  2. Identify and procure the list of neo-literates from Zilla Saksharata Samitis and ensure that at least 25% of the clientele of JSS is neo-literatres.

  3. Organise training programmes for key resource persons, master trainers and trainees in vocational courses and for neo-literates.

  4. Identify and ascertain a variety of educational and vocational needs of different categories of clientele groups.

  5. Plan and organise polyvalent educational programmes and other activities including literacy, post-literacy, and continuing education to suit the learning requirements of target groups.

  6. Explore, innovate, work out alternatives, try new methodologies to meet the needs of different target groups through programmes of education and training.

  7. Cooperate with educational, cultural and other social organisations involved in organising programmes and activities to meet educational, vocational, social, cultural and welfare needs of target groups.

  8. Act as a co-ordinator, facilitator and catalytic agent by developing a system of net-working in collaboration with other educational and technical institutions, development departments, welfare agencies, employers and workers’ organisations, voluntary agencies and economic enterprises.

  9. Undertake training and orientation of resource persons involved in planning and implementation of various programmes.

  10. Organise equivalency programmes through Open Learning Systems.

  11. Orgranize library and reading room facilities. The libraries will have literature suitable for neo-literates and sale counters for distribution of literacy material at subsidised rates to the neo-literates and other interested readers.

  12. Provide consultancy services to agencies and enterprises planning to organise programmes for training and education of similar target groups.

  13. Organise educational and vocational training programmes of special concern for deprived sections, women/girls and unemployed youth, to provide new skills, refine/sharpen/upgrade the existing skills leading to employment, self employment and income generation.

  14. Promote organisation of forums such as co-operative societies, mandals and associations of women, youth and workers with a view to undertake collective activity for socio-economic development.

  15. Provide follow-up services to beneficiaries of the JSS.


The Jan Shikshan Sansthan will concentrate on the socio economically backward and educationally disadvantaged groups of urban/rural population such as man, women and youth, employed, self employed, neo-literates, prospective workers and their family members as well as unemployed youth.  Priority is to be given to adult neo-literates/semi-literates, SC and ST, women/girls, oppressed, migrants, slum/pavement dwellers and working children.

The Jan Shikshan Sansthan conducts various types of polyvalent programmes through its impaneled agencies. The whole Allahabad district including rural area and urban slums are  being covered by the JSS Allahabad.

Jan Shikshan Sansthan
8 A/1 Elgin Road, Civil Lines , Allahabad
Ph. 0532-2607006
e-mail: jssalld@rediffmail.com


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Dr. B R Ambedkar Welfare Society
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